Tracing of our products is based on tracking the raw material of meat from the moment of the animals' birth to conversion of their meat into final consumers' products.


Using the GL1 TRACE, where an electronic software system that records the information (producer, date of slaughtering, date of processing, weight, lot etc.), for all our products, in all phases of processing, from their production, slaughter, collection, cutting, processing, packing, up to their promotion to the final consumers.

On the packing of each of our products we print a code number and the words TRACE ID, which makes reference to the particulars of the specific product as they were recorded in the system, embodying also functions of Mobile and Online tracing. In this way every consumer is offered the possibility, by keying the proper code number either through his mobile phone or through internet, to be informed on all useful information that determine the I/D of the final product he buys.