Originating from Caesarea of Cappadocia, the Miran Kourounlian family settled in Piraeus in 1922 and took up with the only craft they knew well.

Miran Kouroumlian started making pasturma and soujouk in the traditional Armernian way he knew very well.

Trading his products in person, almost hand to hand, acquired a shop of area a few square meters in Evripidou Street, where even today operates a model shop selling salami products and the like.

The products are distinguished for their quality and their particular taste and they progressively become known all over the country.

Today the delicatessen shop and the workshop are run by the third generation of sausage makers, Miran and Krikor Kourounlian who, with their knowledge have organized the MIRAN company so that it remains a traditional workshop that aims at quality, not quantity.

Further, recently we renovated our shop in Evripidou Street, creating an environment that "splices" ideally tradition with modern elements and offers many Greek products like sausages, cheeses of small Greek workshops.

At the same time it is the first eco shop in Greece with a specially made hanging garden at its front where we cultivate herbs and spices.

Our visitors have the opportunity, apart from their shopping to also taste our delicacies that we have created for this purpose.