Our History

A tradition of 90 years

1922. A year impregnated with a course filled with persecution, violent expatriation and historical events. A year which would determine the future of the Kourounlian family and the generations that would succeed it up to the present day.

All started with the craving, the passion and artisanship of Miran Kourounlian, the founder and inspirator of our business.

Originally we come from Caesarea in Cappadocia.

The adventure started in 1915 in Istanbul and from there to Chios island, Piraeus, Palea Kokkinia. It was there that the grandfather Miran took up with the art he knew best than anything: to make pastourma (seasoned beef/camel meat) and soujouk (seasoned beef meat in sausage form) with all his mastery and secrets which the consumers appreciated immediately.

45 Evripidou St.

Equipped with his craving and the fame he gradually acquired, Miran Kourounlian managed to roof his products at 45 Evripidou St., in Athens, in a small shop of area 3 m2 only, but the customers formed considerable queues to buy them.

From generation to generation

The firm's reputation was soon spread and at the same time the business expanded. 1950 was the year that marked the establishment of a model factory for the production of MIRAN products, expanding thus our sales network all over Greece. A few years later the workshop was taken over by the son of grandfather Miran, Bendros Kourounlian, closely observing the tradition of the founder and at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities appearing for the future.

The evolution

Assuming the reigns of the business Bendros expanded the factory in 1983, creating a modern unit on an area of 1,300 m2, producing now in bigger quantities our two classical products pastourma and soujouk. We also expanded our sales network to the outmost regions of Greece and broadened the clientele of Evripidou St. to all Greece through the system of home delivery.

In the 90's the business goes to the hands of the "heirs" of the grandfather's Miran tradition and dedication, Miran and Krikor Kourounlian.

With persistent and continuous work the two grandsons managed to turn the MIRAN business into the biggest of its kind at a European level. At the same time they absolutely respect the method for processing the products since inauguration of the first workshop. Pasturma dries in airy and sunny spaces, without any mechanical intervention, therefore it matures naturally and effortlessly. A timetaking method, which however is justified by the result.

MIRAN today

The efforts now exceed the Greek boundaries so that the MIRAN products may become known to other European countries as well and at the same time we investigate the possibilities for new products and simultaneous expansion of the now historical shop in Evripidou Street.

As a result, cooperation is concluded with local producers and we now produce beef sausages with the MIRAN brand. Further, to our delicacies we have added the rare pasturma of camel meat, a light product that matches perfectly with the pasturma spices. Our innovations do not stop here. We are working on the production of odorless pasturma (patent), while we have also put into the market pasturma in slices in airtight blister, so it may preserve its entire freshness.

Further, recently we renovated our shop in Evripidou street, creating an environment that "splices" ideally tradition with modern elements and offers many local products like spices, cheeses, salami and choice delicacies of small Greek producers.

In the 90 years of this business life, we are always dedicated to quality. A secret of the inspirator Miran Kourounlian, which is now shared by all family…


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